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Spear Tips

Castpoints produces 2 families of spear tips. The original tips fit on a standard 16mm toe.

Our patented Reversible Spear Tips have been designed to provide you with twice the life of a regular tip. These tips have dual faces so as the initial side is used and wears, they can simply be turned upside down and re-installed for ongoing use. These are available in a range of sizes and qualities in both the standard 16mm and 13mm chamfer versions.

The new chamfer range with a 13mm toe. This design with a narrower toe and the chamfered edge allows for more metal to be built into the shell of the tip to prolong the life of each individual tip. This also allows for narrower versions of tips that create less soil disturbance.

This diversity in our range means that we have a spear tip that suits your needs regardless of your farming environment.

    Reversible Series

    Keech Replacement Points

    Flexicoil Replacement

    Dutch Replacements

Did you know?

  • Most Spear Tips enter the soil at about 45 degrees to the horizontal on the top face and have about 15 degrees of clearance on the under face
  • Preferred in heavy clay soils. The sharper the shanks angle the lower the draft
  • Small wings reduce smearing of the trench
  • Originated in the mid 70’s as an extension of hoe tips in row crop farming
  • Press wheels are needed to close the trench
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