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Specialists in scientifically engineered Direct Drill Tips

Welcome to Castpoints your specialists in scientifically engineered Direct Drill Points.

Castpoints has spent years refining their products with science, engineering and customer feedback. We value our customers and aim to provide quality products that perform to expectations. Our strong focus on research and development of our products enables us to offer you the best product solutions for your specific needs.

The quality of our tips is founded on excellent design together with our unique application of Tungsten tiles to the wearing faces of each point. Each point is designed with a unique tungsten tile on the end to provide longer wear.



With Castpoints you can expect:

  • To find the tip for your specific machinery, environment, soil types and crops
  • Engineering expertise in each tip design to provide maximum operating efficiency
  • Long wearing products to provide value for money
  • Decreased down time for maintenance and parts change over

We pride ourselves on designing tips that are long wearing that meets the farmer’s needs.

If you want to know more about our products please contact us to discuss your specific applications.